Welcome to the Journey!

We would like to invite you to come along on our journey as our family treks through life exploring our faith and learning that learning in itself is a life long journey. We embrace a passion for homeschooling as a vehicle to accomplish and communicate all of our life’s greatest lessons to our children and prepare them for their own journeys as they become adults.

A large part of our family’s endeavors are related to our calling to raise food in the most wholesome and natural way possible.  We believe that animals were meant to be pastured and live off of the vegetation in their natural surroundings.  When we supplement their diet due to the climate that we are in, we make every effort to provide things as close to their normal diet as possible.  For example, our cows graze on an abundance of grasses during the Spring, Summer, and Fall months.  During the winter, we supplement their normal grazing in the pastures with high quality hays.

Our family also loves to garden and hopes to expand through the use of a greenhouse in the near future.  We focus on seasonal eating as much as possible with some focus on the natural preservation of foods.  The next step in our horticulture endeavors is the growing of both culinary and medicinal herbs.  We hope to have these available to those that interact with our farm on a regular basis.

We are fortunate to be able to be on this journey while homesteading and sharing in those blessings with our children. So much has been lost from those that have gone before us in our failure to pass down time honored traditions in farming, raising crops, preserving food, and caring for the health needs of our family.  It is our hope to change the course of this trend in the raising up of the next generation in our family.

One of our greatest blessings is being able to share information and inspiration with those that feel called to a similar lifestyle as well as to provide wholesome food to those in our local community. Please journey with us through the information on this site in learning more about our family, faith, and farming.  If you are visiting our website as part of an inquiry into our cowshare program, please refer to that tab for more information.  Feel free to also contact us through the form on our Contact Us page with any questions or things you would like to see in future blog posts and updates to our site.