A Spring Day on the Farm

When you live on a farm, the things before you each day are just part of your normal.  I was reminded today by a friend that others really have no idea what it may be like to live on a farm.  So here is a glimpse into our day, at least what today had in store for us.

The Day Begins with Morning Chores

Baby Chicks

This morning meant getting up and hitting chores hard and fast.  While Gary milks, the kids water and feed all the animals.  We currently have about 250 newly hatched chicks.  It is always wonderful to go out to the barn and hear all of their little chirping.  After chores this morning, we piled in the car for our final day of our homeschool group for the year.Field Day FunEveryone was excited for Field Day and our family picnic. It was a great time of competition, fellowship, food, and fun.  There were field day events, water balloon fights, grilling, and just a lot of laughter.  As the day wound down and families began leaving, someone asked if we were going home to rest.  I kind of chuckled.  As long as there is daylight there is something to do on the farm.

When we returned home at about 4:30, it was the perfect time to get out in the garden.  Our cabbage plants are off to a good start.  Gary and Zech spent time doing a final turning of the soil in our family gardens.  We were able to get our tomato, zucchini, yellow squash, butternut squash, different varieties of pepper, onions, cantelope, and watermelon plants all in the ground.  The raspberry plants got a pruning and the guys headed out to the further pastures to turn that soil for a 2 acre plot of beans, corn, and peas to be planted and another 5 acres that will be resown in hay seed after the flooding last month took our seed downstream.

Spring Planting

As I finish up this post, we will grab a quick bite to eat.  Gary will begin milking after Zech gets the cows rounded up.  While the cows are milked, the kids and I will work on bottling the milk that will be delivered tomorrow.  Although the days seem long, there is satisfaction in being productive, growing food to feed your own family, and providing wholesome nourishment for others.


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