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My boys and I recently had a chance to review a new resource out by Bonnie Rose Hudson entitled, Asia: Its People and History. There are some resources that you use as a homeschool mom that even when you are done, you are not sure exactly which subject to count it as. That was certainly the case with Asia: Its People and History. I originally began reviewing it for use with our 13 year old who happened to be right in the middle of studying Asia as part of his world geography class. It certainly helped to get us out of that middle of the winter rut and add extra interest to our studies. However, I came to realize that he was also getting a huge amount in considering the spiritual needs and challenges of the people in these countries that fall within the 10/40 Window. I soon found my 9 year old eavesdropping on our lessons and being enthralled by the stories.

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The Study

This unit study contains information and lessons on the people of Laos, Bangladesh, Nepal, China, Iran, and Vietnam. Each country is introduced through the use of a story that allows your child to relate to the life of a child that is growing up in this land. The stories help to share key information about the culture, values, and things of everyday life. After the story, more historical information is provided on the structure of the government in the country, ties to other countries, impact of missionaries as well as the major religions that have become part of the culture. Both of these sections of study have activities, such as crossword puzzles or hands on activities, as well as discussion questions to help your child flesh out the information that was presented and help them to think through the life of those in the nation being studied.

Depending on the breadth of information, the lesson schedule for this unit study takes about two to three weeks per country with the whole unit being completed in sixteen weeks. In the back of the study there is a separate section that contains suggested reading for each country. Many of these selections are free downloads and give your student much more food for thought in developing their hearts for the people of the Asia and what their lives are like in pursuing a decision to follow Christ.

Asia: Its People and History is just under 105 pages in length. It is available in both print and ebook versions. The normal retail price is $6.95, but for a limited time is can be purchase through The Old Schoolhouse Store for just $4.95.  Be sure to use Promo Code 02Asia14! before March 15 to get the special sale price. This unit study can also be found through Amazon and SmashWords.

Our Family’s Thoughts

I simply loved this unit study. It would truly be enough for almost a half year study in world missions with a focus on Asia and the 10/40 window. My boys were enthralled with the stories and their hearts began to break for the people around the world that are challenged to stand for Christ in their own towns and villages.

The unit was also very well written in that it was able to capture the reality of the persecution and trials of being a Christian around the world without traumatizing my children.

We used Asia: Its People and History as part of our homeschool. However, it could very easily be used in your homeschool support group or even as missions related material to be used with elementary Sunday School classes.

We would highly recommend this as a supplement to your studies in world geography, missions, or even as a family devotional to supplement your scripture reading. Our family may be extending our school year a bit in order to complete Asia: Its People and History in its entirety. There are just too many great things to skip anything at all.

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