Because You Are Strong

Every young man desires to be strong. You may see this in the way they hotshot for their friends or witness them flexing their muscles in the bathroom mirror. The interests of these young men begin to change to reflect this drive for strength. They begin to spend free time lifting weights or showing dad just how much firewood they can chop and how quickly. Of course, an extension of this is the victorious moment when they also grow taller than older sisters and mom. Is this the only type of strength that we want our sons to possess? My guess is no. We want them to possess an internal strength rooted in the Word of God that reflects the very essence of Christ.  Because You Are Strong by Doorposts is a bible study we recently had the opportunity to review that walks a young man through exploring true biblical strength.

A Little About the Study

Because You Are Strong is a bible study designed with young men who are ages 10-12 or older in mind. This is an age where young men are naturally interested in strength and how to navigate the path to true strength exhibited by their dads or other influential men in their lives. Just as every little girl dreams of her Cinderella moment, every young man strives to be the knight that defeats the greatest foe and protects the kingdom. Because You Are Strong is a wonderful Bible based approach for really investigating what this should look like in a young man’s life.

This study is has two purposes. I have hit on the first already ~ to address the biblical basis for strength. However, the second focus of this resource from Doorposts may just be the key to any young man truly exhibiting strength throughout his journey into and through manhood. This second focus is in teaching young men various techniques and habits to develop in studying their Bible on a regular basis.

Those using these materials will learn to study scripture through:

  • memorization,
  • summarization,
  • asking critical questions of the text,
  • completion of word study,
  • completion of character or biographical sketches,
  • comparison of bible translations,
  • and more…

In addition to these bible study strategies, the student is also exposed to outside bible tools used by many seminary students and laypeople alike.  These resources are ones that can be used for a lifetime in truly getting down into the nitty gritty of scripture.  Some of the resources used in this study are Nave’s Topical Bible, Strong’s Concordance, a bible dictionary, online bible tools, and the cross references and marginal notes in your child’s own bible.

When I first started learning about education in little one room schoolhouses in our country, I marveled that many children learned to read and study literature solely through the use of the Bible. However, as a veteran homeschool mom, I can now see that if they were taught to study scripture in a manner similar to in Because You Are Strong, the ability to truly study, comprehend and analyze other literary works becomes so much easier. Please note that my observation is that the study skills can cross over and that I am in no way putting the Bible on the same plane of worth as other literary works.

Some of the Specifics

Because You Are Strong is a study broken into 10 chapters.  The number of lessons in each chapter varies, but each lesson is designed to take 5 to 20 minutes to complete.  If done daily, the full book can be completed in about 15 weeks.  The biblical references in the text are generally in KJV or ESV.  However, most biblical passages are only referenced so that it is truly easy to use whatever translation of scripture your family normally uses in completing this study.  This resource is currently retailing for $12 on the publisher’s website.

Our Thoughts

There is an old adage that fits well with bible study, The proof is in the pudding.  The greatest benefit of any bible study is when we can take what is read and apply it in our lives to become more Christlike in all that we do.  Each of the chapters in this study is completed by a section on personal application.  It is a time where your young man can take what he has learned and think about specific ways to apply to where he is at in that very moment. After all that is what scripture mandates in James 1:22 (NKJV)

But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves

Like the pharisees, it is easy for any of us to get bravado about ourselves in feeling like we are a step up just because we spent a few minutes in study each morning.  However, let us not grow weary in applying these truths.  This is our witness and testimony, because we are strong, but only in Christ.

Thank you for your patience while we shared our thoughts on this great study of biblical strength.  Ideally, dads will desire to study this great resource side by side with their sons as they are emerging into manhood.

As always don’t just take our Word on it, see what others on the TOS Review Crew have to say.

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