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In the last 24 hours there have been an incredible amount of posts about Mother’s Day and the value of our mothers in our lives.  There is no denying that there is something special about a mother’s love, but it can sometimes be so hard to get your hands around.  What makes it special.  What makes it different than a father’s love or a friend’s love?  A mother’s love is one of those things that is just so much easier to see in action rather than define.

Candace Kate Story

The Candace Kate Story

This 111 page book contains inspiration and encouragement to last a lifetime.  There is no greater picture of a mother’s love than all that is encompassed in More Than A Memory: The Candace Kate Story.  This is the story of the Fileccia family as told by Nancy Fileccia as they journey life’s pathway.  Their journey with Candace began in being called to international adoption of her after already having adopted their son, Cameron.  This adoption was a bit different in that Candace not only struggled with attachment issues from being raised in an orphanage, but was also blind.  This journey in building emotional ties, communicating with a child that does not speak your native tongue, learning braille and other things about working with the blind, and then to endeavor to homeschool that child can be a daunting task.  All the elements needed for an inspiring literary work of encouragement.  However, the Fileccia’s story is just beginning.

They find out just a few short years after her adoption that Candace also has a rare and terminal condition called Batten’s Disease.  The previous challenges this family faced paled in comparison to the journey ahead of them.  The next three years became a roller coaster ride of deep despair, desperate hope, and searching for answers.  Answers that would be found not in Candace’s healing, but her homegoing to be with the Lord.

Batten’s Disease

This story is told by Candace’s mom, Nancy.  Based on the journal entries she kept from those days, it is a conveying of the battle between hope and despair, joy and sorrow, and moments of acceptance and rage.  Like many experiences that the journey of life takes us on, she discovered the answer to one of her greatest questions not in the midst of the battle, but in the quiet that ensued after the torrents of the storm.  In the days after Candace’s death, Nancy came to realize that God allowed them to walk some of the darkest days they have and may ever walk in order to give one small child a forever family that would love her for the few short years she would live upon this earth.  God desires for all of his children to be loved and chose to use the Fileccia family to express that love to a blind girl from China that was cast aside by her own family and the world.  A child that was truly the “least of these” by the world’s standard.  God knew that this family would be an example of His love to this little girl in preparing her for her forever home after knowing the love of a forever family.

Some Thoughts:

In the past when hard times have struck, I have been known to say, “God sure didn’t ask for my vote on that one”.  When difficult times lie ahead, I am glad that God does not ask for our vote of the path we would choose to take.  After reading through More Than A Memory, it is apparent that God had a much greater plan of how He wanted to work in and through the life of Nancy Fillecia and her family.  Nancy is so candid and real in her sharing throughout this book, you are left with a sense of already having a friend in Shreveport, Louisiana.  A sister in Christ that has been through the muck and mire of life and continued to stand.  A warrior that would stand in the gap yet is gentle enough to join with you in prayer over a cup of tea while you fight your own battles on the field called life.  It is the very lack of sugar coating the ugliness of disease and hardship that allows you to enter in the warmth and sensitivity of this woman’s heart to find Christ right in the center.

Special Needs Adoption

I would be honored to call Nancy Fileccia friend if our paths ever cross.  Her ministry in my own life through the words that occupy the pages in More Than A Memory is profound.  I would highly recommend that if you know someone struggling through challenges whether in homeschooling, adjustments after an international adoption, or parenting a child with a chronic or terminal illness, please share with them this book.

More Than A Memory: The Candace Kate Story can be purchased at the author’s website, on Amazon, and also on Kobo.

Because this story has such power to encourage and inspire, I am hosting a giveaway for two individuals to receive a pdf copy of More Than A Memory: The Candace Kate Story.  I encourage you to share this with someone in your life that could benefit from this inspiring story and may need to see the hand of God in some of the most difficult of situations.
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