Random 5 on Friday – June 7

It seems like we are right in the middle of transitioning from our more formal school year to summer. There hasn’t been a real clean break this year and many things are overlapping with each other. Feeling excitement building as we see some things about to take off on the horizon.

Here are our Random 5 thoughts related to the excitement:

  1. Our first batch of soap for the summer has just finished curing and is ready for use.  We have a limited quantity, but it will be growing in availability as well as the different varieties we will be offering.  This first batch is always a big hit.  We call it Mosquito Run.  Scented with essential oils, it acts as a natural bug repellent without all of the chemicals and toxins of most commercial bug repellent products.  Just shower and go!
  2. IMAG0243We have found a wonderful fit between our oldest daughter and an opportunity for her to volunteer at our local library.  She has thoroughly enjoyed the work and the people.  Her dad and I love this stepping stone in her preparations for her first job away from the farm and also the responsibility of getting her driver’s license.
  3. Yesterday was a glimpse of excitement into our upcoming school year.  I had the opportunity to go with friends to a local curriculum consignment sale and hit the jackpot.  A little over $300 of curriculum of things we specifically needed for core subjects for next year for half the price.  Some of the items actually look brand new.  What a blessing!
  4. We had the opportunity to review an art curriculum recently that the whole family tried out.  Our youngest has really taken to it.  He has decided to start putting a lot of time into his paintings and then sell them as part of our #5 Random thought that comes next.
  5. Our exciting #5 for this week is that we are getting ready to launch a huge campaign to raise the rest of the funds needed to purchase the land that is currently being leased for our farm to operate on.  A small part of the property can be seen in the picture.  Our ability to purchase this land will allow us to continue our family business, help to preserve a piece of what America really stands for in our long agriculture history, and be a victory in the fight for our rights to feed our families the way we feel is best.  If you would like to help us with this effort, please visit our homepage at www.doubleofarmsky.com.

One of the original structures on the farm.  The history can be seen in its construction and repairs.

Blessings to each of you.  May we all be faithful not to greatness, riches, and astounding accomplishments, but simply to what each of us is called to one day at a time.

For some additional thoughts on how another family’s joy in gardening is being shared, check out Miranda’s Random 5 for Friday at The Pebble Pond.

Random 5 on Friday ~ May 3

This has been an exceptionally busy week even though we have been at home much of the time. Here are our our Random 5 on Friday (more posts coming soon with greater details on some of these):

  1. We have new chicks that hatched this week.  Always a wonderful sign of spring on the farm.

  2. Gary and the kids finished the final tilling and began planting the garden yesterday. A lot more to still put in the ground.  Really excited about that wonderful feeling in seeing a full pantry of food stored up for the winter.
  3. Some of our kids are within 2 weeks of the end of their school year. YEAH!!
  4. Tonight is the annual Spring Program and High School Commencement Ceremony at our homeschool group.  It sure is a reminder of how fast our kids are growing and the short amount of time until our oldest is up on stage.
  5. The kids and I are about to start working on a Summer Bucket List.  I want to be intentional about what we do and not have the middle of August arrive and feel like we haven’t done anything special to enjoy the summer.

Stay tuned for posts this week on some of these topics as well as others.  Have a great day!


Friday’s Fun 5 Facts from the Double O

There are many times that I find myself not getting blog posts done, because many times I feel that I need to write a longer really informative post with pictures and the full shebang. A fellow blogger at The Pebble Pond has a neat concept in sharing just 5 fun facts on Friday about what has been happening. So here it goes!

  1. Two very special sisters who are dear friends gave me a book this week that is absolutely phenomenal. It is Battle Ready Moms Raising Battle Ready Kids. Love this book and will definitely be writing more about it in the future.
  2. Little peeps are on the farm. No these are not my girlfriends that are just vertically challenged. These  are the real deal. We have about 50 chicks under heat lamps and just getting their feathers in.
  3. Motivation city. Our kiddos are starting to feel Spring in the air. They have begun doing their calculations on how many lessons in each subject they have to complete each week to be done with school by their desired “beginning of summer break”.
  4.  Last night was the Farmer’s Birthday. We had fun helping him during the day with projects around the farm and then having a family party last night.
  5. A friend shared some info on the nutrient and cost benefits of growing our own fodder for the animals on the farm. It is an intriguing concept that we will be looking into more.

Gotta run. Heading into Cincinnati today with some awesome ladies to visit the vendor booths at the Midwest Homeschool Convention.  Also checking out the warehouse sale at Answers in Genesis on the way into the city. Now it is your turn. Leave your comment listing your 5 Friday Fun Facts.