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Our family has been blessed to review a couple of resources from Christianity Cove. This is a new company to us that we were anxious to see exactly what their materials were like. Christianity Cove specializes in the publishing of resources that are used primarily in Sunday School and Children’s Ministries. The products that we specifically reviewed were 28 Object Lessons and 100 Simple Service Projects. Both of these resources are designed in such a way that they can be used with the whole family if incorporating them into your homeschool plans.

28 Object Lessons

28 Object Lessons:

We received this 84 page booklet in ebook form. It was easy to open and definitely easy to use. The title really says it all. There is a short one page introduction explaining that simple household objects are used to teach illustrations relevant to our Christian walk regardless of our age. These lessons can be used as part of family devotions or a great tool that can be pulled off the shelf to get your kids thinking about an aspect of their character that may need some attention.

Each object lesson is laid out very clearly in a similar format throughout the book.

  • The Message of the Lesson
  • Related Scripture Passages
  • Objects and Materials that are Needed
  • Items to Prepare when necessary
  • Step by Step Outline of the Lesson with Scripted dialogue for the instructor
  • Closing Prayer

I was very pleased to find that each of the object lessons truly did use common household items and were easy to implement. These lessons really were just like the Bible in that no matter who you are, how old you are, or where you are at in your Christian walk, they have the power to speak to you about His Truth. These basic messages have a way of hitting home and are so easily applied to one’s life that everyone gets something. This is a great resource to incorporate into your homeschool or even character based classes in your homeschool group. Once you get started, it is also fun to challenge your older kids with creating their own object lessons to share with younger children.

100 Object Lessons

100 Simple Service Projects:

100 Simple Service Projects is a 56 page ebook that gives a wonderful basis for beginning community service both as a focus of your family or in a church group or homeschool cooperative. The ebook begins with an overview of various types of community service projects and the importance of molding our children’s hearts toward serving others and loving our neighbor as ourselves. The thing that I just loved about this resource is that it then breaks service project ideas into the following categories:

  • Service to the Family 
  • Service to those in the Neighborhood
  • Service to the Community
  • Service to Large Charities in America and Overseas

The ebook concludes with tips for helping your child to develop their own service projects in a way to help them succeed in their goals. To me this follows the scriptural mandate of missions in reaching those closest to us and then moving the circle of influence further and further away from home in concentric circles. We have really been stressing to our children the importance of how they treat one another is an indicator of their real ability to the love the World and the Lord. Service should start at home and then move outward. Like the 28 Object Lessons ebook, this material is applicable to the whole family and something you can do together.

I am really excited about the thoughts that have been circling in my own mind about starting a Community Service Team through our local homeschool group. This book is a great resource for those initial brainstorming session on things to do and how to convey to the kids that their service is equally important whether it is at home or half way around the world.

In Summary:

Both of these ebooks are very practical, hands on application of biblical principles and scripture. I would recommend these for use in individual families as well as in a group setting. The 28 Object Lessons ebook sells for $28.00 through the publisher’s website. Just think of it as $1 per object lesson. The 100 Simple Service Projects normally retails for $29.95, but is on sale for $19.95 at this time.

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