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I think it is human nature to work more diligently when we know that a reward or something good will happen.  Having a motivation can go a long way.  That is exactly what the folks at Clued in Kids had in mind when they developed their treasure hunt packs for school aged children primarily in elementary and the lower middle school grades.  In providing a review of the products from Clued in Kids, we used both the Homework Reward Treasure Hunt (for ages 5 and up) and the Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt (for ages 4 and up).

The Treasure Hunts:

Clued in Kids has a large variety of treasure hunts available.  Some are physical products that can be shipped to you, but a large majority of the treasure hunts are pdf download files that you print yourself.  The two treasure hunts that we used could be printed on 8 sheets of paper, including the first page that contained the directions.  Both of our treasure hunts had a total of 12 clues.  Like any good treasure hunt, treasure is only found at the last clue.

The clues contained in the hunts were not always just clear directions or hints.  There were puzzles to decode, IMG_1581[1]things to do,IMG_1578[1] and places to search out.IMG_1579[1]


Each of the treasure hunts took about 15 minutes to set up.  Our son completed each hunt in about 20-25 minutes.  The length of the treasure hunt is somewhat extended because of the types of clues to solve and would also vary depending on the age of the child.  Each of the clues has a space for a name to be written in.  This makes the treasure hunts easy to use with a group.  The person setting up the treasure hunt can assign the clues based on their difficulty and the age of those participating.  This eliminates squabbles and allows a mixed age range of children to take part in the fun.

Both of the Homework Reward Treasure Hunt and the Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt sell for $5.99 on the Clued in Kids website.  By visiting the website, new subscribers to the company’s newsletter will automatically receive a free download of the Homework Reward Treasure Hunt that we used in with our son.

Our Thoughts:

This is a neat offering of products that are a lot of fun.  In receiving the printable form of the treasure hunts, we had the freedom to print them in grayscale on white or colored paper or print them in the full color version as it is downloaded.  Clued in Kids advertises that the treasure hunts can be fully set up in 10-15 minutes.  I was thrilled to find that it was really this simple.  The locations for hiding the clues were all things that are commonly found around most homes.  The only one that we modified at all was the clue to be placed in our son’s backpack.  On the day of the hunt, I had no idea where my son’s backpack was, so we easily substituted his desk as being the place where most of his books were.

The kids have so much fun doing this that the treasure at the end of the hunt can be something so small such as a fun eraser, pencil, or a treat and they do not feel cheated at all.  When I asked our son if he liked the treasure hunts, he replied with a question, “Is there a word for More than Awesome?”

The printable treasure hunts can be used multiple times.  I would space the use of them out or make a point of assigning the clues to different children so that they don’t become memorized or boring.

As always, I encourage you to check out what other reviewers’ children thought of the treasure hunts from Clued in Kids.

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