Garden is Flourishing at the Double O

The whole family has been working on harvesting and preserving our garden in one way or another.

We picked about 5 gallons of cucumbers today that will be made into freezer pickles. We love this way of processing them because they are not heated as they would have been in traditional canning. We also do a lot of natural culturing so that we are not adding the acid of vinegar.

Our cabbage crop is also ready for harvest.  The family enjoys cabbage rolls, freshly cultured slaw, and lacto-fermented sauerkraut.


We have just enough squash to enjoy. The farmer loves fried squash. We have found that if we batter it and then freeze it on a cookie sheet. We can then place the frozen slices in a ziploc bag for later frying in the middle of winter when we are yearning for all of these garden delicacies. I enjoy freshly sliced squash as a snack or juiced with other vegetables for a high energy, cool breakfast.

Rucia is busy snapping about 8 more quarts of green beans that were picked this afternoon. These will be added to the 30+ quarts we have already canned.

The tomatoes and okra are just starting to come in. All of the recent rains have caused our tomato plants to really take off. They are measuring at about 6 feet now and are just loaded with baby tomatoes. So very glad the corn needs another week and the butternut squash will be a while yet.


Our onions are just about ready as well. We are quite thankful that they just need to be picked and hung for drying.


I guess in all our free time during these dog days of summer we might just have to meander out to the potato patch and see how those are doing as well. The tops are still very green and flourishing so I think we can let them continue to grow.

We would love to hear what you are growing and what you like to do with it. Recipes are also very much welcomed. We are curently enjoying some kale chips freshly prepared this afternoon.


In case you missed it, you can hear about how our gardens got started this year by reading our earlier post, Garden Preparations on the Farm. Guess the old schoolteacher will have to give that young lady an A in her horticulture class!!


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2 Replies to “Garden is Flourishing at the Double O”

  1. Wow your garden looks amazing!! We have been learning lots of different recipes for our squash and zucchini. We also found out that most of our kids love asparagus!! Have a great week!!

  2. I agree with Nicole – your garden looks amazing! Wish I had as large of a garden space as you do! I have too many tall trees which produce a lot of shade, so all I have available is the space that runs along the dog pen fence for gardening. Last year I started building raised beds along the fence line and I am following the square foot gardening method. It works! It’s amazing to me how much you can plant in a square foot. I just started harvesting my bush beans in the past week and am impressed with how much they’re producing in a small amount of space. Of course, my chickens are patiently waiting for the cherry tomatoes to ripen, as that’s one of their favorite treats!

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