Gardening Meets Landscaping

On this Mother’s Day 2013, we spent time this evening admiring the work we have accomplished in our gardens. Our daughter’s completion of her horticulture class has inspired us all to a greater level of creativity.

There is nothing more rustic and farm related than using nature in your landscaping. Allowing God’s creation to meet God’s creation.  Tree stumps have become planters for impatients.

IMAG0248In our side yard, an old cistern that is no longer used at this time could be to some an eye sore. To our daughter and her dad, it was the ideal spot to begin a graduated strawberry bed. We spent time this weekend building the top tier and starting our first 10o plants.


We were both excited and concerned when we went to check on one of our vegetable gardens. The plants are taking off beautifully. As a matter of fact, we already have the first broccoli florets coming on nicely.


The hard part was in realizing that with temperatures possibly dipping down into the mid 30’s that there is a very real risk of losing all our plants. So before starting evening chores at the barn, everyone chipped in to cover the plants.


Many of you are aware of our goal of purchasing the land that our farm is currently leasing. Our lease will be expiring in September. Pray with us that our gardens do well and some of the additional produce beyond what our family will consume can be used to help raise some of what is needed for the down payment.


May God bless our efforts as we continue to work and labor to support our family and farm for His Glory.

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