His Story is our history

Easter Cross

I had a very interesting thing happen today that struck me as odd at first and then in thinking on it, it all started making perfect sense!

We had some library items that were about to become overdo. This is not uncommon. It not actually very normal for homeschool families to have over 60 items out from the library at any given time depending on the number of children, number of research projects, number of papers, number of unit studies, and yes, the number of passions that are popping up left and right. My youngest asked if he could go with me while the others stayed at home to finish up their studies before taking a break for Easter. I told him to come along, but to bring his history stuff so when we got home we could all be done with school and call it a wrap!

About 15 minutes into our drive, he starts talking about having to write an Easter acrostic poem. Did you bring your history book, son? Yes, he replied. I took a big sigh thinking he was surely mistaken. At the next stop light, I looked over and sure enough he had his history workbook open. My first response was a happy sigh over my love for homeschooling and Christian curriculum. But then I got to thinking further about the relevance of a discussion of Easter in a fourth grade history curriculum. Like a snap of my fingers, it all came together.

In spite of their spiritual differences, great historians across the years have found historical data to support that:

  • Jesus Christ of Nazareth was a real man.
  • Jesus Christ was Jewish. He was born during the reign of Herod and was put to death under the reign of Pontius Pilate.
  • His teachings are recorded in the annals of history.
  • On the day that He was crucified in the flesh, the skies darkened as in the middle of the night for three hours from noon until three in the afternoon. Right at the end of this period of unusual darkness there was what appeared to be an earthquake.
  • Jesus of Nazareth died that very day on a cross although no criminal charges were found to be against him with a sign above His head, “King of the Jews”. This was written in Aramaic, Latin, and Greek so that all those who were reasonably in the area would have common knowledge and understanding of this title.
  • Jesus was placed in a tomb and it was sealed.
  • Three days later, his body was found no where in the vicinity of the tomb.

These are the historical facts of the life of Christ. The only question that will remain is what you choose to do with His personal professions of being the Lord of Lords, King of Kings, MESSIAH.

You see His Story is truly history.  It is not a fairy tale any more than the Civil War or the Holocaust.  How will your life be impacted by the historical facts and the prophecies fulfilled by His very existence upon this earth for a short time and His reign in Heaven for all Eternity??

I will close with my son’s Easter Acrostic Poem that sums it all up…

Easter Sunday I sprang awake,
Angels said, “He is risen.”
Stone is rolled away.
Third day He was risen!
Everlasting life for all
Risen from the tomb!!!!

Hallelujah, He is Risen Indeed!

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