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After several years of homeschooling, I feel like our family has really settled into expanding our vocabulary and even spelling to a large degree through the learning of Latin and Greek roots, prefixes, and suffixes.  So many of our words find their heritage in these languages.  Because of the power we have seen in this approach we were thrilled when we were selected to review Greek Morphemes Lessons (It’s Not Greek to Me!) from Ready to Teach. This curriculum is designed with upper middle school students or high school students in mind with a special emphasis on improving SAT vocabulary scores.

What We Received:

As part of our review, we received both the Teacher and Student books as well as the supplemental materials.  The supplemental materials previously came on a CD included in the teacher book.  However, with the latest revision that just released this past month, the supplemental files now ship on a USB thumbdrive.  The company is sensitive to the fact that many notebooks and lapbooks no longer have an internal CD drive and want every user to have the greatest ability to use these additional resources.  The Student Book contains the consumable pages that the student will need to proceed through all 12 lessons in this curriculum.  Additionally, there are colored paper study cards to help the student learn the more than 200 Greek roots, prefixes, and suffixes covered. The final pages of the student book contain an index of the morphemes studied, their meaning, and the lesson in which they are covered.

The Teacher Book is not just a replica of the student book with answers.  There is most definitely an answer key to the Student Book, but many more resources as well.  Some of the teacher helps included are an introduction to the study with clear instructions on how best to use it, an overview of each lesson, transparency masters, tests, as well as the answers to the review sections and tests.  I mentioned that the Student Book contained paper copies of study cards that the students can write on and utilize.  The Teacher Book contains a pre-printed finished copy of the study cards on sturdy cardstock.  These can be cut out and used as is or laminated for even greater durability.

The final component in this complete curriculum are the PowerPoint slides included on the USB drive.  There is a separate file with additional learning helps for the student for each lesson as well as the review sections of the course.

So How Does It Work:

This study has the flexibility to be taught by the parent to children in their homeschool, done fairly independently by the student using all the the support materials, or used in a group environment.  When we first received this program, we had no idea that it had this flexibility, but are excited to have it considered as part of a class at our local homeschool group.

Each lesson contains a mixture of approximately 20 roots, prefixes, and suffixes in total.  These are clearly identified as such so that the student knows how it would be used in a word.  The student is also presented with a list of uncommon words that utilize these morphemes to work, dissect, use in sentences, and finally be tested on.

On the first page in each lesson, my son would look up the word parts in the index in the back of the book and jot the meaning next to the word part. He would then proceed to Lesson A and Lesson B.  These lessons would take the larger Words to Work list and have the student dissect them for meaning using the morpheme meanings jotted down on the first page.  In Lesson C, the student then takes the Words to Work and uses them in their own sentences that provide context clues. These sentences are a great way to review the words in addition to the study cards.  Lesson D is a review where the student is presented with new words that use the same morphemes and are asked to figure out the meaning of these new words.  The second half of Lesson D has the student match the “created” words from earlier in the lesson to match to a somewhat silly definition.

The final step in the lesson is the taking of a test on the morphemes studied in the lesson.  As you can see, it is easy to correspond Lessons A-D with the addition of the test to fit into a 5 day school week. After incorporating the review weeks and tests, Greek Morphemes Lessons covers 15 solids weeks of instruction.

So What Did We Think:

Greek Morphemes Lessons is a great tool that does not consume a large amount of time out of each day, but provides a great foundation for expanding vocabulary skills and working on word studies to improve SAT/ACT scores.  Everything you need to use this study fully is included.  My child was thrilled with the quick reference of the index in the back and the design of the study cards for easy review throughout the week and during the duration of the course.  The study cards are also easily accessible after the course in reviewing prior to taking the SAT/ACT exams.

I am excited to present the idea of incorporating these materials into a class at our homeschool co-op.  Doing this type of study and creating new “silly” words to reinforce the meaning of the morphemes would be even more fun in a group environment.

As always, I am glad to share that there are 49 other families reviewing this same curriculum at the Schoolhouse Review Crew.  Be sure to click on the graphic below to read what they have to share about their experiences.

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