Learning in the Summer

Learning takes a different look around the farm in the summer months.  There is a lot of hands-on learning as we all do a lot of work outside in our gardens and expanding fencing.


We have also been busy raising extra meat chickens while the weather is more favorable.  Raising chickens is not only an education in feeding and watering them, but also in the processing, pricing, and sales.  It is an opportunity for the kids to really get a full working knowledge of how to run a micro-business.


This summer is also filled with lots of requests of “Mom, can I drive?”  We now have two teens with their driver’s permits who need to get in those mandatory hours before taking their road test.  They are learning the value of using those critical thinking skills as they learn that the ins and outs of driving are much more difficult when you have to account for the unknown.  Those times when a ball will come rolling into the roadway, a deer decides to sprint in front of you, or a driver turns in front of you without much space or using their blinker.  I never realized just how many parallels to the rest of life as an adult relates to this.  We can all be instructed in the step by step directions on how to do most anything in life, but our real character and wisdom show when we get hit with that curve ball or difficult situation.


We have had some book learning going on too.  The boys are continuing to work on their math skills a couple times a week to make it easier when we get back into our new school year.  We have really been enjoying using the on-line program from CTC Math.  It has been one of those products that we got as a review through the Review Crew that was a big hit and really helped speed up the learning curve.  If you are looking for something that your kids will enjoy, increase their learning, and is not aligned with Common Core Math Standards or method of teaching, you will want to click here to read more from our review.

While the boys have been working on their math skills, the girls have been doing part-time school as well in trying to get a jump start on some of their classes for this Fall and doing some extra prep work for their ACT.  Our oldest has been working on her foreign language requirement through the use of Visual Latin.  We have liked what we have seen so far in its ease of use, thoroughness, and presentation style that makes learning easier.  She is also working on rounding out an elective credit in Shakespeare Studies.  After taking a Shakespeare class through our local homeschool group, she fell in love with Shakespeare.  We have recently been blessed to have an opportunity to use and review Lightning Literature’s Shakespeare Sonnets & Comedies from Hewitt Homeschooling.  Stay tuned as we will have complete reviews to post on both Visual Latin and the Shakespeare course in the coming weeks.

Shakespeare Sonnets & Comedies Student Guide

Our second oldest is rounding out her hands-on training on the farm with a formal course in Starting and Running a Microbusiness.  This course has covered a lot of the basic business principles from concept development to the day to day operations of simple marketing and bookkeeping.  A review of this curriculum can be found here.  She was also ambitious and wanted to get started on her American Literature for the coming year.  When you simply want to focus on one great piece of literature at a time, our family has come to love the literature studies from Progeny Press.  This summer she finished the unit on Last of the Mohicans.  For our review on this study, please click here.

So yes, we have done some book learning this summer, but there is also a lot to learn just from the world around you where God has divinely placed you.  For our family, it is on a farm in a rural community.  Where has God planted you in this season of your life?  There is something there that He wants you to learn and ways He wants to grow you into the person you are to become.  Seize the day!

To see what other members of the Review Crew are doing this summer, click here.

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