My Dad – The Blessing in My Life


Some of the biggest blessings in life are the ones that you have before you ever realize their great value and the impact they will have on your life. One of those blessings in my life is my Dad.

Sure and Steady – Neither ups or downs can cause this great man to sway from his course. He is deliberate and measured in each step. God warns us not to be tossed to and fro by the tumultuous waves of this life. Dad stays the course.

Comforter – One of my earliest memories of being comforted was Dad holding me in his big recliner while my mom would warm up drops to put in my ears during the many occurrences of ear infections I would have as a little girl. I don’t remember words or songs that he might have shared. What is remembered is being wrapped close in his arms in the midst of my pain. God loves us and desires to wrap us in His arms each day. May we not run from His love and comfort.

Dedication – Dad is faithful in a way that many can not even relate to. He held the same job from the time he graduated college until the day of his retirement. He has served as a NY State Magistrate in serving as our local Village Judge for more than 40 years. We watched as he loved our mom with an undying love as she battled the ravages of cancer. After her death, he remarried and continues to love our stepmother with the same love and dedication.

Encourager and Believer – As we were growing up we sometimes did not realize how much Dad believed in us. We got lost in the rules he established for our home and the standards set high. What we didn’t realize was that all along the way he was teaching us that we could accomplish whatever we set our minds to. By pushing us to be a little more tomorrow than we were today, we were learning that we could accomplish our dreams and be what God called us to be.

Faithful – Life has not always been fair to Dad, but in the midst of disappointment and pain I have never heard him curse God. He didn’t blame God, but accepted the challenges and disappointments as part of life. What a valuable lesson to learn.

Thank you, Dad, for your incredible love and example. If I can just grab onto a portion of who you have been, I will be a greater person tomorrow than I am today. Thank you for the way that you have loved me as it will enable me to love my children more fully. Thank you for your steadiness as it sustains me in the difficulties of life. Thank you for showing us your soft side and tenderness  in grieving mom’s death and Jeff’s stroke for it reminds us to be compassionate and empathetic to those that come across our pathway that are hurting. Thank you for believing in me. I can not begin to imagine where I would be if you hadn’t been there to push me on to greater things. 

I love you Daddy and am so thankful for the legacy you have given us. My prayer is that the life that I lead brings honor to the man that you are!



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