New Addition to the Nursery

We are a bit delayed in getting the news out, but we are proud to introduce you to Paris.  He is quite a big boy.  His proud parents are Annabelle and Bunyon, both residents of the Double O Farms.  Paris arrived on November 9th.  Both he and his mom are healthy and adjusting well.


Welcome, Paris, to the Double O Farms!!

Michaela is doing a great job of helping this big fella adjust to life on the farm.  With care comes naming rights.  When asked, Michaela shared that Paris got his name from the French city she has been studying in cultural geography.  It also happens to be the role of her favorite actor, Orlando Bloom, in the movie, Troy.


Calf Kisses Can Be Very Slobbery

Paris is very appreciative of all the love and care Michaela has been giving him.  Calf kisses can certainly be slobbery!


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    1. Congratulations back at ya!!! Will have to stop by your blog to see if you have posted any pictures. Looking forward to serving with you on The Crew. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

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