Prepared in 2014

Prepared into 2014

Do you ever find yourself battling the Procrastination Monster?  Maybe you don’t have the materials you need? Are overbooked?Waited too long to get started and now just can’t get it going? Or you just simply are afraid that what you can give it won’t be enough? We all procrastinate for different reasons, but it leaves us ill-equipped.

Word for 2014
 Being prepared for what is about to come can actually free us up to respond to changing circumstances more than if we nonchalantly take life as it comes. Murphy’s Law does seem to prevail and always at the worst possible times. You may say, “But I work better under pressure.” I used to think the same way. In the past year however, I have found myself having to say no to things that I could and should have said yes to, but was still working on that project or task that had been pushed off to the last minute.

Just a few days ago, our family celebrated the birth of our Savior. After all of the hustle and bustle of the day, I found myself somewhat disappointed that due to the last minute procrastinations in my life, there were some time honored traditions that just weren’t going to get done this year. The only thing that prevented it from happening was my lack of preparation.

Here are some of my strategies for killing the Procrastination Monster in 2014:

  • Weekly meal plans and always making sure to take whatever frozen items that need defrosting are taken out the night before.
  • Add in an end of the day meeting to our school day with each child to make sure they stay on schedule, their work is graded, and the assignments for the next day are ready to go (including photocopying).
  • Critically evaluate each commitment going into the New Year and only keep those that I am confident are in line with what I am hearing God direct in my life.
  • Delegate more. It is a sign of strength and wisdom knowing when to say no or to ask for help.
  • Focusing on living. We are not truly living in the moment when we spend our lives in the cyber world of social media and texting. We are called to be in relationship with God and people. May our commitment to our gadgets never exceed our commitment to God and others.
  • Increasing my quiet time with my Savior each morning. There is no greater place to be than in the middle of His Will. A greater commitment to being in His Word and in prayer will help me to discern this better.

I am sure that there are other things that I will try to build into our home to help kill the Procrastination Monster so stay tuned into 2014.  Please share your comments on how you will be more

Prepared in 2014.

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