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For my long time readers, it will come as no surprise that our family loves good literature.  We love incorporating full works into our school rather than just bits and pieces found in typical literature curriculum.  Progeny Press uses these types of full literary works and has become a partner in teaching our kids literary analysis.  Join me as I share our most recent review of the literature study guide of the book Stone Fox from Progeny Press.

What We Received:

For this review, we received a downloadable version of the Stone Fox study guide from Progeny Press.  This was easily opened using Adobe Acrobat reader.  The study was 60 pages in length.  One of the really cool things about these study guides is that the student can type their responses in the text boxes provided under each question or the guides can be printed and then completed.  We chose to use the interactive feature in having our son type his responses on the computer.  The text boxes auto adjusted in size to accommodate his responses.

This particular study was written with students in grades 3-6 in mind.  Of course, parents are free to choose study guides that are the appropriate reading level for their child.  Guides are available for students from the early elementary grades through high school.

The study guides from Progeny Press can also be purchased on a CD and shipped to you.

The study guides are based on books that are generally part of most classic literature collections.  The books are commonly in public library collections or can be purchased for your own family library directly from Progeny Press.

A Bit About the Study Guide:

The Progeny Press Study Guide that we received was approximately 60 pages in length.  The introductory pages of the study provided instruction on how to best use it, a biography of the author, and some history context that helped to set the stage for the book.

The second section of the study contains all of the study segments for the book.  The student reads 2 to 3 chapters from the book and then will answer questions in different groupings.  These are:

  • Vocabulary
  • Reading Comprehension
  • Digging Deeper (literary analysis)
  • Further Thought (application of story content to biblical principles)

The final major section focuses on a summary of the book as well as some of the larger themes of evaluating a piece of fictional literature.  There were exercises that focussed on character development as well as the story structure. The student is also challenged in evaluating the themes of the story.

Our son is on the upper end of the age range that this study is published for.  He did not have any real struggles in completing the study, but he did have to put forth effort in some of the areas and spend time organizing his thoughts especially in the final section.

How We Used the Study:

Our son began by reading the book Stone Fox all the way through in its entirety.  He then began the study and used the book as needed to reread sections or consider the vocabulary work in context with the story.

We did receive the downloadable study guide and chose to use it interactively.  I saved a fresh copy to our son’s directory on our computer and let him begin working.  He was able to work independently through each section.  There were a few times he had questions about what was being asked, but those times were quite infrequent.

With the study guide, Progeny Press does supply the parent with a separate file that contains the answer key to the study.  This can be printed if you desire.  Rather than toggling back and forth, I chose to print my son’s work in the study guide as a permanent copy of his work and then use the online answer key for grading.

Our Overall Impression:

We had never used the Stone Fox study guide from Progeny Press prior to this review.  However, it did feel quite familiar in that the format was similar to other Progeny Press studies we have done. My son really appreciated this as he felt like he really knew what to do and could just get down to business.

The literary analysis of different themes in the book, the use of conflict and resolution in forming the structure of the story, as well as the consideration of the character development were all presented and explored at a very age appropriate level.

Our family loves the study guides published by Progeny Press.  There is learning going on, great books being read, and applications of biblical principles in relation to the content of the book.  This is a winning combination especially when paired with classic pieces of literature that can easily be purchased or borrowed from the local library.

As always, this is only our opinion, so we encourage you to click on the graphic below to read more from the other reviewers at the Schoolhouse Review Crew.

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