Random 5 for May 31st

I love when I actually remember that it is Friday and have a few minutes to post a simple 5 random things from the farm and our lives.

  1. Spent a lot of time as I plan curriculum for next year in reminding myself to live in the moment. I can’t begin to tell you how many times my eyes get way too focused on the goal and forget all about enjoying and learning from the process in getting there. Trying to be much more intentional in enjoying today for whatever it holds.
  2. We got rain today!! This was truly an answer to prayer. I posted on Facebook this morning about how I was praying for God to send some water on our garden. He did!! God is not a gumball machine that we place our quarter in and expect that it is His duty to answer our prayers the way that we dictate. He is God though. We are facing a big push in raising the rest of the funds for the purchase of our farm land. It is good to be reminded that He is in the midst and will see us to the other side if it be His will.
  3. Feelings of gratitude to the great people that God is allowing me to serve with on the Board of the Georgetown Homeschool Group. We spent several hours today in another planning session for our new academic year. What an honor to serve with them in serving so many other families. We are really doing a happy dance over God’s provision of a larger facility to rent so that we can minister to more families.
  4. In some of the discussion about fundraising for the purchase of our land, it was such a blessing to hear the plan that our kids came up with of how they could basically run our farm if Gary and I needed to get outside jobs temporarily. This is not the plan, but it was so great just hearing them share about their dedication to what we have started and what is so important to our family. The girls were prepared to jump in to help the boys with their schoolwork as well and the boys agreed to be teachable for them. So thankful for great kids who truly are capable of really carrying out the plan that they proposed and impressed that they worked together to get there.
  5. Milk Shakes!! Yup, sometimes at the end of a busy and stressful week, you just have to reward yourself for surviving the ups and downs of the week. Honor the hard work accomplished, pat yourself on the back, and then be prepared for what comes next.
Acting Goofy on the Farm
Acting Goofy on the Farm

My friend, Miranda from the Pebble Pond, got me started on these fun Random 5 on Friday posts.  Check out her post from today, I really enjoyed reading it.  Click here to read her Random 5 and link up your own blog post.

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2 Replies to “Random 5 for May 31st”

  1. I enjoyed visiting your blog tonight! I especially love your header. 🙂 We do sweets only on weekends, so my kids are looking forward to homemade ice cream tomorrow.

    1. This is a great time of year to make ice cream. Not only is ice cold ice cream great on a hot day, but there are so many wonderful fruits in season to mix in it as a special treat. Hope you have a great day!

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