Ringing in the New Year on the farm

Happy New YearAs we see the close of 2014 and the breadth of a new year before us, like many of you, we are rejoicing over the blessings of the past year, meditating on lessons learned, and contemplating what the days before us hold. A new year can almost push us into feeling the need to make changes.  However, there are also those reminders in looking behind and before that we are reminded that we are exactly where we are meant to be at this time.




There are times in life when we are not called to change, but to stand firm in who we are, what we are called to, and the work before us.  As we welcome in the New Year, we share with you that as a family we remain deeply convicted in our family mantras of

Doing all things the way God intended

Finish Well

We will continue in our calling to farm, homeschool, provide counseling in natural health all as we draw closer to our Savior.  In the coming year, we hope to share more about each of these areas of our life as the days unfold.  A friend recently reminded me that what seems normal and mundane to our family is really something novel and new to others.  So please bare with us as we share the day in and day out of our lives and the lessons learned.

I am sure that 2015 will bring growth in us as individuals, with our farming endeavors, the establishment and growth of our natural health practice, and continued educational explorations with our children.  Jump aboard and join us for the journey!

We would love for you to share with us what God is calling you to in the New Year.  Do you have a special word that carries meaning to you or brings focus?  A special milestone on the horizon?  Please leave a comment so we can rejoice with you and uphold you in prayer.

And yes, New Year’s eve on the farm looks a lot like other evenings with evening chores and milking to be done followed by family time around the woodburning stove.

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