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Our latest review is one that I really have been surprised at its versatility and the many opportunities we have had to incorporate it into our homeschool experience.  For this reason, I am excited to share with you about the Individual Membership we are enjoying from Super Teacher Worksheets.

When I first viewed the Super Teacher Worksheets site, I noticed that it was primarily designed for students in preschool through grade 5.  This caused me to wonder how much we would use this as it is only our youngest that is still on even the upper end of that range.  I was really surprised by the many ways we were able to use it!

What Our Family Received:

Our family received for this review an individual membership to Super Teacher Worksheets website.  The membership gives the user full access to all of the tools and resources available for your entire family.  This is not a subscription per child or per grade level.  I don’t usually mention pricing in my reviews, but in this instance I feel the need to make an exception.  This individual membership is only $19.95 per year.  This cost provides you access to all of their great worksheets, the teacher helps, and their amazing worksheet generator.

This website provides resources for your family in the following subject areas:

Reading & Writing
Phonics & Early Literacy
Spellings Lists & Worksheets (Gr. 1-5)
Social Studies
Puzzles & Brain Teasers
Teacher Helpers
Pre-K and Kindergarten
Make Your Own Worksheets

During the weeks that we have been using this tool, we have also noticed new content being added on a regular basis.  There is a wonderful array of new Autumn worksheets, calendars, and puzzles and games.

Super Teacher Autumn

How We Used It:

Our youngest is transitioning from 5th grade into 6th grade this year.  I was concerned when we first were notified that we were on this review that we would be able to find enough things on the site that were appropriate for him.  We found that we really didn’t have a problem.  Grammar studies is not our son’s strong suit, so my first stop was in that area.  Being able to print off some 5th grade worksheets to begin our new school year as review was a great confidence builder before moving on to the next level. I loved the teaching review that was provided at the top of the page that really allowed our son to be independent in completing these sheets.

I found myself exploring the other subject areas and soon found that I was planning different ways to use resources from other areas as well.  Our son has not really gotten into Algebra yet, but there were some wonderful introductory worksheets available that I have stored away in my personal filing cabinet on their website.

Super Teacher Algebra

As you explore the different subject areas, there is a general listing of worksheets available. In referring to the graphic above, you will see that under each worksheet, it provides you the grade levels it is recommended for.  In addition, there is a small graphic bar.  Along this graphic bar, you can click to view a pdf of the worksheet.  Here is an inside secret.  If you are really curious about what the worksheets look like, you can click on this and see an example of the worksheet even before you join to really see if you think your family will benefit from a membership.  I think you will find wonderfully laid out and helpful worksheets across subject areas.

Next to the View PDF, there are 4 additional graphics.  The first is whether it is Common Core compliant.  Second, is a language icon that shows which languages the worksheet can be generated in.  The magnifying glass allows you to preview the worksheet before downloading and printing.  The file folder was my favorite.  By clicking on this icon, I was able to save this worksheet to my personal filing cabinet on the Super Teacher Worksheets website for later reference.  That meant that I could sit down and really plan out some units and store them away for later without worrying if I would have trouble finding them again.

Before I forget, each of the worksheets does have a corresponding answer key within the same file.  Because this is a worksheet generating tool, there is an investment in printing expense.  Unless I really felt that I needed to have a hard copy of the answer key, I simply printed off the page that our son would use and stored the worksheet and answer key in my filing cabinet.

The Worksheet Generator

This is such a powerful part of the website that it really deserves its own section in my review.  Having access to the worksheet generator is worth the cost of your membership alone.  This tool allows you to take content from any area of study for any grade level and generate worksheets and tests.  These worksheets can be in the form of word searches, short answer, fill in the blank, multiple choice, and essay, matching, and so much more.  Through this generator tool, you can also print off personalized calendars and newsletters.

We are a family that loves unit studies, living literature, and lots of hands-on learning.  Many times, I would love to have worksheets or quizzes that would help to:

  • Organize and focus my child’s attention while they are exploring through hands-on learning,
  • Reinforce concepts that are presented in a more narrative/journaling based approach to learning, or
  • Build worksheets used in unit studies that we are creating

Our high school aged son is dedicating a year to the study of World War II.  I am loving being able to use this worksheet generator to help format sheets that he will then use to build a notebook covering all that we study.  Quizzes along the way as well as fun tools such as word searches and word scrambles to reinforce vocabulary are always great ways to break up the heavier parts of our study.

Some Closing Thoughts:

I was so surprised by the versatility of this resource and how much we truly have used it.  When we first received our subscription, I thought I would do a cursory look at the upper level worksheets, have our son do a few, and be writing a review of all the great ways that families with younger students can benefit from this site.  In now drawing this review to a close, I can say that I was really wrong.  There are over 10,000 preformatted worksheets available for early learners through the elementary grades.  These are all professional in appearance and would rival any that you purchased in another curriculum.  They are an excellent way of reinforcing concepts that your child may be struggling with in their regular curriculum or be their primary curriculum.

Our use of this site exponentially increased by adding in some fun and educational resources in areas that we don’t focus on and being able to generate great worksheets through the generator.  Sometimes it is easy to forget how incorporating some well laid out and fun things can really get us all out of a rut.  I personally forgot how much fun it was to receive award certificates for completed units or a job well done until I saw the delight on my son’s face when I presented him with one.

Because there are so many great resources available, I encourage you to visit the other reviews being submitted by the Schoolhouse Review Crew to see how the other families on this review used Super Teacher Worksheets.

Super Teacher Worksheets Review

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  1. We have enjoyed this site as well. The worksheets have helped break up the montony of our everyday school work!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Kate! I am really looking forward to using the worksheet generator for some cool printables for WWII. Saving my lesson plans for any friends that might be interested down the road 😉

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