Real Life Homeschooling – They aren’t all Brainiacs

Another myth of homeschooling is that all homeschool children are in the top 3% on the bell curve for intelligence. In actuality, there are students who receive a home education that are extremely bright, but these do not make up the whole population of homeschooled students.

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As the resources available to those that home educate their children expand, there is an ever growing group of children with special needs among the ranks.  In having been involved in homeschool support group leadership for over 6 years now, I will share with you that parents choose to this form of education for their children for a variety of reasons.  We see children on the autism spectrum and with ADHD.  Some children have such extreme food allergies that it is not safe for them to attend public school.  Other children have physical needs that make homeschooling a better fit as schoolwork can be done while waiting for doctor appointments, lab work, or therapy appointments.  Yet, some parents choose to home educate their children because of less than desirable social interactions that may be occurring for their children whether it is negative influences or bullying.  And yes, there are those families that choose to homeschool, because of religious convictions.

Whatever the reason for bringing your child home, the Homeschool Progress Report of 2009 highlighted that students that are homeschooled were found to outperform their counterparts in public and private school arenas.  Let’s consider why this might be.  Even if the parent is not a certified public teacher, the benefits of a much smaller student:teacher ratio can not be underestimated.  Additionally, the abundance of resources now available allow a parent to select the best learning tools to help their child achieve all that they can educationally.

Homeschooling also affords flexibility in scheduling school work.  When a child with medical needs can not tolerate a full day of school, it does not have to be a completely lost day.  Academic progress can be made during those few hours in the afternoon or evening when the child may be feeling their best or the school year continued through normal periods for school breaks to continue making progress.

We still live in an era where parents that choose to home educate their children find themselves on the defense for the choice that they made.  As a result, the successes associated with their home education experience are definitely high lighted.  Even with this, more and more parents are gaining confidence in sharing their stories.  Not all children who are home educated will end of on the Dean’s List at Harvard.  However, because of the dedication of parents, abundance of resources, flexibility in tailoring the best education for the specific child, and meeting the student where they are at rather than forcing them into a cookie cutter scenario, children are found to excel to a greater degree in a home school environment.

There are many wonderful public educators out there that love their students.  However, a parent’s love, dedication, and insight into their child, will inevitably prepare that child like no other individual can to guide him/her into a future filled with accomplishment and purpose.  Homeschool mom and dad, you have got this!  You have been equipped by God to meet your child’s needs and provide the love and passion to see them further than any other adult that they may encounter.

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