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Depending on the student, the study of foreign language can be one of the most dreaded high school requirements.  I know my girls have wavered on what language to study?  We really didn’t want to just spend time for the sake of checking off a requirement.  The opportunity to review Visual Latin 1 from Roman Roads Media came about just as we were deciding on Latin as our foreign language choice for our oldest.

Some of the immersion programs seemed overwhelming and especially not applicable for what we were wanting from a Latin program.  Our desire was to find a program that would help to refine her knowledge in grammatical tenses and parts of speech as well as learn more of the Latin roots that are the basis for many of the words in so many of the romance languages.  However, the traditional textbook / workbook curriculum from some publishers are so dry that you don’t get any passion or motivation to really master the language.  It is just an exercise.

When we began using Visual Latin, we were thrilled to find a program that emphasized the things that we were looking for in Latin study while also having some aesthetic appeal to make the learning of the language a bit less painful.

The Visual Latin program is broken into two levels.  Each level contains 30 lessons, which could easily translate into one lesson per week for a full year of study.  The program is geared toward students in grades 4-12.  After having worked with the program with my daughter, I could easily see pacing the program to take two years for each level for students in elementary school.  Middle School students could easily handle working through the program with accomplishing each level in a year.  Motivated high schoolers could probably complete both Visual Latin 1 and 2 in a single year.

How It Works

The Visual Latin 1 course is broken into 30 lessons.  The really nice part of the program is that each lesson follows the same format.  The instructor will present the new information that will be presented and incorporated into what has already been learned.  After the new information is presented, it will then be used in sentences in the next segment of the video.  The final section of each lesson is a time that the instructor reads in Latin to the student and then they have an opportunity to repeat it sentence by sentence.  In between the different video segments, there are worksheet(s) for each section.  I absolutely love that the student is seeing Latin, hearing Latin, writing Latin, and speaking Latin in every single lesson.  The program also comes with a short test for each lesson.

The video segments can be obtained by either purchasing the course on a physical DVD or through a download file.  This is not an on-line program, but one that can be downloaded to your computer.  The worksheets, vocabulary words, and tests as well as the teachers answer keys are all pdf files that are downloaded from the publisher’s website.  What this means to you is that the program is completely reusable for multiple children in your family with no further expense.  The current retail price of each level of Visual Latin is $100.  There is actually a sale going on at the time that I am writing this that lowers the cost to $85.

For an even better overview than what I am providing, you can visit the Visual Latin product page where the instructor, Dwane Thomas, shares more about how the program works.

Visual Latin

My Closing Thoughts:

As a mom, I am thrilled with:

  • the reinforcement of grammar skills
  • the integration of seeing, hearing, writing, and speaking the language
  • the application of what many consider to be a dead language into our world today
  • the cost effectiveness of this program compared to many other foreign language programs
  • and MOST IMPORTANTLY I no longer have to worry about fighting with my daughter to get those foreign language requirements completed for high school – she loves the program

Visual Latin is just one of the programs that members of the Review Crew worked with during the last month.  Others had an opportunity to use and share about these other courses from Roman Roads Media:

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