Which Hat Are You Wearing?

The thoughts that I am about to share are not new.  They are not unique.  What are they then and why do I write about them?  It is simply a reminder of a profound truth that is all too easy to forget.

There are many hats we wear as we journey through our days.  At this moment in time, I would guess that most of us can be identified by a multitude of different roles we fill in our own and others’ lives.  Managing these hats can truly be a juggling act with the greatest fear that one of the hats will drop.  We will fail and in doing so we will let down ourselves and others.

Mothers Many Hats

As I consider my own life, the hats seem to be multiplying in spite of my declaration to want to simplify my life.  I started making a list of my hats and my closet starting looking something like this.

Mother, Wife, Farmer’s helper, Naturopath, Teacher, Director, TOS Crew Member, Friend, Counselor, Mentor, Cook, Chauffeur, Party Organizer, Family Cheerleader, Financial Advisor, Guidance Counselor, Sister, Daughter

I am sure if I kept thinking, there would be others.  However, the greatest is not on this list.

Cherished Child of the Savior

What is the significance of this last hat?  Why, it is the most significant of all.  It is what gives all the rest meaning and purpose.

Being a Cherished Child of the Savior means:

  • Cherished – that word just oozes with love, value, preciousness, and comfort.  We all want to be cherished.  We desire to be valued.  On days when life is rough and our circumstances seem to overpower us, it is easy to lose sight of the fact that we are cherished.  We are held close as a fine and precious jewel.  We are handled delicately as the finest china.
  • Child – being a child lets me know that I am still growing.  When I feel as though I am lacking, I am reminded that I am not done yet.  I am not meant to be all that God has intended for me to be.  It also signifies that there is one greater than me.  Just as my own children come to me for wisdom and guidance, I too do not have to have all the answers to life’s questions.  I can run into the arms of my Abba Father and trust that He already has the answers to life’s greatest challenges.
  • Savior – there is absolutely no way that I could achieve perfection in all things.  There is seldom a day, if I were honest, that I do not find myself procrastinating on an undesirable task, losing my temper with a child that wishes to challenge boundaries, or finding discontentment over some area in my life.  God does not want us to wallow in these things as a pig wallows in the mud.  He desires our obedience to His commands out of our deep love and gratitude for Him.  He knows though that we will fall short.  I am so grateful that He has made provision in advance for my shortcomings and inadequacies.  He has provided a Savior.  I am His and so thankful for His atoning blood.  Through this, I can stand before the Father with His righteousness and not my own.

So at the end of the day, the greatest and yet least burdensome of these hats is being the Cherished Child of the Savior.  In the hustle and bustle of the day, it is easy to forget that this beautiful hat adorns our heads, but it is in remembering its presence that we can actually have the strength to wear the others.

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