Wounded by God’s People ~ Book Review

I recently received a copy of Wounded by God’s People written by Anne Graham Lotz and published by Zondervan.  It is a 237 page hardbound book from the daughter of one of the most esteemed modern day evangelists, Billy Graham.

Wounded by God’s People by Anne Graham Lotz

As Christians, when we are hurt by the world we naturally run to the church as a refuge and strength.  After all the church is supposed to be a place of healing and restoration.  But what do we do when the wounds are inflicted by God’s people?  Where do we turn?  How do we heal?

Anne Graham Lotz takes us on a journey through her own hurts at the hands of God’s people.  She shares that healing and forgiveness in the arms of God.  Prior to reading this book, it had never crossed my mind that one of the most reknowned evangelists of our day and his family had endured deep wounds from the fiery darts of the church.  The reality is that the evil inside the church can be just as much an equal opportunity employer as the world outside the church.

Ms. Lotz uses the Biblical example of Abraham, Sarah, and Hagar to guide the reader on the journey.  Prior to reading this book, if someone mentioned Abraham my thoughts would go to his being the Father of the God’s Chosen People or to his remarkable faith when God asked him to go up the mount to sacrifice Isaac.  I must admit that I had never seen Abraham as a man that did the wounding.  In my mind, he led people to faith rather than being a stumbling block to one’s faith.  However, when we take a moment to look at the situation through the eyes of Hagar, we see a wounder of the heart rather than a man after God’s own heart.

Mrs. Lotz does not leave us in the pain, but shows how God can faithfully bring healing, forgiveness, and restoration.  She demonstrates how whether the wounds come at the hands of the world or God’s people that His grace is sufficient to heal.

I received my copy of Wounded by God’s People providentially just weeks before enduring a very painful time brought about by wounds inflicted by God’s people.  Mrs. Lotz’s transparencies and observations from Scripture revealed that I was not alone in my pain.  Just as scripture promises, we will not endure anything in this life that is not already common to man.  Wounded by God’s People allows the reader to know that this road of pain and desolation has been walked by others and there is another side, but the only way to reach it is to walk through the pain with God.  For when we are wounded by God’s people, we are not wounded by God.  The church does hurt.  The church fails its people and its God in not loving as Christ loved.  Our testimony reflects on one whose name we bear, but I am thankful that as Mrs. Lotz demonstrates in this book that the church’s wounds do not have the power to limit God’s healing and grace.

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