Some may ask how it could possibly take 28 weeks to study the book of Philippians when it is one of the shorter books of the Bible. The cool thing is that this study does help you to explore these passages of Scripture, but also has a laid out plan that enables you to memorize the entire book at a reasonable pace.

What Is It?

Philippians in 28 Weeks is a combined Bible Study guide and scripture memorization system published by Home School Adventure Co. Our family received the fully downloadable product which contained 165 pages of material. Included in the 165 pages were:

  • scripture memory cards,
  • copywork pages for copying over the scripture that was to be studied,
  • logs to record your efforts,
  • bible study questions, and
  • journal pages for each week

The study is broken into weeks with material for each week’s sheets that match the suggested schedule for studying and memorizing the book of Philippians in 28 weeks. In addition to the actual study materials, the download also contained an introduction and instructions for how to use the study.

This study can be done individually or as a family. It  could also be used as part of Youth Group, Sunday School, or homeschool group’s activities with the students doing the daily work at home.

Philippians in 28 weeks is currently available in the KJV and the ESV versions of Scripture. Even though our family received this as a fully downloadable file, it can be purchased in print edition in either of these translations as well. The cost of the print edition is $28.95 while the download can be purchased for almost half off at $14.95. The Home School Adventure Co. has samples of this unit on their website. You can view them by clicking here. This study can be used by the whole family as our family used it.  The publisher recommends this to be appropriate for children ages 9-11 when participating in a family discussion.  It can also be used independently in personal Bible study time when those using it are 12 years of age or older.

How We Used This Study:

Our family has used various study tools during our devotional time over the years, but have never used one that has such a focus on scripture memory. The power in this combination was incredible. We would begin our time by reading through the entire book of Philippians each day. We would then do any of the additional things assigned in the schedule for that day. The premise behind this study is that you will repeat the following process:

  • Read
  • Record
  • Repeat
  • Review
  • Recite
  • Retain

The recording is the copywork of rewriting the verses that are to be learned each week. This is not overwhelming as it is truly just adding one verse per day. Repeating is the daily review of all the verses learned that week. Review and Recite are when you really challenge yourself to say the verses out loud to yourself and another person. The Retain part of the program is a complete review of all the verses when you have reached the end of each chapter in the book of Philippians.

Our Thoughts:

Philippians in 28 Weeks created a deeper study of Scripture than either traditional Bible Study or Scripture Memorization alone. The combination of both memorizing the Word and studying and journaling brings power unlike what we have had before in really understanding God’s Word.

As a homeschool mom, I have come to truly appreciate that learning can happen from hearing, seeing, and doing. Stacy Farrell has done a phenomenal job of bringing this very premise together in her presentation of the study techniques in this resource. Other than taste, there wasn’t a sense that was not touched while completing the different aspects of this study.

As Christians, we have bought into the Devil’s lie that scripture memorization has to be hard. In actuality it is no harder than learning the alphabet, memorizing lines from the repeated readings of your child’s favorite book, or your 8 year olds ability to recite verbatim the dialogue from their favorite movie. We employ many of these same techniques in helping our children learn their spelling words, relevant dates in preparing for a history exam, or even the parts of the digestive system in order. Why not use them to attain the same level of success when studying God’s Word.

In Closing:

I am excited to share with you that Stacy Farrell from Home School Adventure Co. will be at the Midwest Homeschool Convention this weekend in Cincinnati for anyone in the area that would really like to talk to the creator of these materials. She has also graciously made available to our readers a special discount off of the downloadable versions of this and other products from Home School Adventure Co. from this posting date until May 15, 2014.
As always, this is just our families experience with Philippians in 28 Weeks. Check out the other Crew Reviews for what others had to say about this study as well as other products from Home School Adventure Co.